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'Copperheads' - The New York State League of the South

Welcome to the official site of The League of the South New York State Chapter. We believe that you will find us to be one of the most unique web sites north of the Mason-Dixon Line. Our sole purpose is to support the principles and objectives of The National League of the South which in part state "The League of the South seeks to advance the cultural,social, economic, and political well-being and independence of the Southern people by all honourable means."


During the War For Southern Independence, there was an element in the Northern Democratic Party who opposed the Unions policy of making war on the Southern people to force them back into the Union. They felt the South had every right to peacefully secede and they favored a negotiated peace. Their organisations included THE KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE, among others and they used copper coins or medallions as means of identifying themselves to each other, thus the name "Copperhead". Abraham Lincoln, with flagrant disregard for the Constitution, assumed strong executive powers in suppressing them, including arrests, suppression of the press, suspension of habeas corpus, and censorship.


We, of the NYS LOS Chapter, like our predecessors above, feel that the South was absolutely legally and morally justified in their bid to secede from a Union that their (and our) forefathers had entered voluntarily and which was at odds with with the agrarian culture of the South.This and the other cultural differences between Northern and Southern civilisation which are deep rooted in the distant past made conflict inevitable, the issue of slavery not withstanding.

The defeat and the conquest of the South not only deprived a people of their God given freedoms and liberty by force of arms; it signaled the beginning of our leviathan, omnipotent, form of centralised government that virtually intrudes on every aspect of our lives today, whether you live in Alabama or New York. The erosin of states rights, disregard for the Constitution, and particularly the Bill of Rights, started with Abraham Lincoln and has gone unchecked to the present day. These are issues that should be of concern to all Americans regardless of what state you live in. We believe that the heroic struggle of the Confederate people against "consolidated" government was just and honorable and should not have been in vain. It must be remembered that the South today is not by her own choice, part of the United States of America. It was only by military force of arms that she was forced back into an unwanted Union. We feel it our sovereign duty to support the League of the South to right this wrong by all peaceable and honourable means.


The NYS LOS Chapter is currently undergoing a reorganisation. Persons with questions or who are interested in helping us to re-establish this chapter are encouraged to contact us via our e-mail address. You may also utilize our toll-free phone number to leave us messages that will automatically be delivered to our e-mail account. The number is 1-888-Excite2-716-507-6972. Copperheads from adjacent Northern States without a LOS Chapter are encouraged to contact us if interested in forming a regional chapter.

For Southern Independence,

"Copperheads Forever"


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