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League of the South FAQ

(Frequently asked questions)

Q: WHY WAS THE LEAGUE OF THE SOUTH FORMED? A: To fight a tyrannous central government that refuses to be restrained by the Constitution.

Q: WHAT IS THE AIM OF THE LS? A: The League of the South seeks to advance the cultural,social, economic, and political independence and well-being of the Southern people by all honorable means.

Q: IS THE LEAGUE OF THE SOUTH A CHRISTIAN ORGANIZATION? A: While we do not require any sort of religious affiliation, we do recognize the legacy of Western Christianity and the sovereignty of God in the universe.

Q: HOW IS THE LEAGUE OF THE SOUTH DIFFERENT FROM PREVIOUS SOUTHERN POPULIST MOVEMENTS? A: The LS hopes to avoid the pitfalls of similar movements by aiming both to have a large popular following as well as a leadership that includes serious intellectuals in a variety of disciplines.

Q: HOW IS THE LS ORGANIZED? A: It began in June 1994 with a single office and is already large enough to justify the formation state chapters, which is being done at present. The state chapters will then encourage the formation of local chapters.


1.) by cultural secession or "abjuration of the realm," which means withholding our support from all institutions and objects of popular culture that are antithetical to our beliefs and heritage; 2.) by encouraging the formation of communities of like-minded Southerners that work and play together; 3.) by buying and reading Southern literature, poetry, and history; and 4.) by sponsoring competitions among Southern artists and writers in order to foster the continuance of our excellent traditions.

Q: HOW WILL THE LS PURSUE ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL INDEPENDENCE? A: This is a complex aim that cannot begin to be accomplished without first establishing a mass base; therefore, recruitment is the primary work of the LS until such time as our mass base is established.

Q: WILL THE LS WORK WITHIN THE EXISTING POLITICAL SYSTEM? A: Yes, as far as that will take us. However, the LS does not suffer under the illusion that the leadership of either of the present political parties is likely to work toward our aims; therefore, we look forward to fielding a LS slate of candidates for local, state, and national offices and drawing on our mass base to get them elected.

Q: HASN'T SECESSION ALREADY BEEN TRIED, FAILED, AND DISCREDITED? A: On the contrary, secession is the ultimate right of a truly free people and the cornerstone of confederalism. What has been tried, failed, and discredited is centralism--by a central government that reneged on its original compact with the states, usurped their sovereignty, and opted instead to hold the "Union" together by brute force.

Q: HOW DOES THE LS SPEND MY DUES? A: Dues cover the administrative costs of the national office, travel and lodging expenses for meetings held all across the South, printing and mailing costs of the bi-monthly newsletter, the SOUTHERN PATRIOT, the leasing of webserver disk space for the "DixieNet" WWW Home Page, and other expenses incurred as a result of recruitment efforts.

Q:WHENCE THE NAME: "THE LEAGUE OF THE SOUTH"? A: Our name comes from two different sources: * the Northern League, a very successful populist movement in Italy, to which the LS has personal ties, and * the League of United Southerners, organized by Edmund Ruffin and William Lowndes Yancey in 1858 to shape Southern public opinion.

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